Collect Embers (Points) and Become a Forge Master

Ironclad has been manufactured to be the most secure, simple, and satisfying lending market on Mode. To secure our bonds across the network, we are forging a token to bring prominence to the Ironclad kingdom.

In preparation, we are launching The Forge: a 90-day point competition. To reward early participants, The Forge will be retroactive, starting from March 16th. Check your points status at

Collect Embers, Join The Forge Masters

During these 90 days, Ironclad will track how many Embers are collected to see which user will be crowned The Forge Master. All actions you take will earn you more Embers, from referring friends to engaging in lending and borrowing on Ironclad.

Earning Embers via Ironclad

Users will earn Embers (points) based on their activity over 24H periods.


Depositing your assets will earn you Embers. The amounts of Embers you earn depends on the asset you deposit per the above image.

Example: Depositing $1 USD of $ETH will earn you will earn you 8PTs/24H


Borrowing against your assets will earn you Embers, the amount of Embers you earn depends on the asset you borrow per the above image.

Example: Borrowing $1 USD of $ETH will earn you will earn you 20PTs/24H


+20% additional Embers to Referrer: When you add a friend to the community, you will receive 20% of the Embers they earn on all their lending & borrowing on Ironclad. In short, refer more friends to earn more Embers!

Example: if someone you refer earns 100PTs from depositing $12.5 USD of $ETH using your link, you will receive 20PTs/24H

Additional Points Opportunity

Users can earn extra Embers (points) via certain actions. Please Note: borrow/lend points are issued against time-weighted principal balances, not interest accrued.

Join us in The Forge

The Forge is no ordinary points event; this is a call for all IronChads to show their commitment to the world of Mode DeFi. As Ironclad builds a strong token for the community, the participation of all users will make sure he is successful in his effort.

Earn your Embers and secure your place among The Forge Masters.