Mode's First Native Stablecoin

The Gateway
to Mode DeFi

DeFi needs safe, liquid lending markets and steady stablecoins that drives value to users. We’ve built that foundation and made it Ironclad.





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The Native Super App

Unleash the power of your capital via real yield on an emerging L2 powerhouse

Ironclad is designed to give users a secure environment to farm yield on Mode. Value from developer airdrops and other Mode initiatives are streamed directly to ICL stakers alongside real yield.

Lending & Borrowing

Ironclad Lending delivers a classic lend/borrow experience, featuring world-class risk management alongside the latest Mode assets.

Groundbreaking CDP

Ironclad CDP allows you to deposit collateral to mint stablecoins, taking advantage of delta-neutral farming opportunities across Mode.

Instant Leverage

Ironclad enables one-click tools to manage leveraged positions, letting users loop or pair trade with ease.

Simple Staking

Ironclad users to stake their Ironclad tokens to receive real yield weighted by their time in the system.
Tested. Proven.

Ironclad is built and backed by one of DeFi's largest firms.

Steadfast and Secure Markets

Ironclad is built on the battle-tested, highly audited Granary Finance framework, backed by veteran DeFi engineers, Conclave.

Mode's First
Native Stablecoin

Unlock your capital and master Mode with iUSD, our dollar-pegged stablecoin backed by Bitcoin and Ethereum in our novel CDP.

Earn Real Yield
by Staking ICL

You deserve real value for your time. Stake ICL and receive your share of Ironclad’s fees. Stake longer for increased share.

Earn MODE Points

Earn Embers via actions, referrals, and lending and borrowing on Ironclad

For 90 days (ending June 14), Ironclad will track how many Embers are collected to see which user will be crowned The Forge Master. To reward early participants, The Forge will be retroactive, starting from March 16th. Read more in our documentation.

How do I earn Embers?

By depositing and borrowing assets on Ironclad. You can earn more points by sharing your referral code, and taking part in strategic actions by maximizing points/rewards.

How long will the Embers program last?

Currently set for 90 days from start to finish, ending on June 14th. The Embers program may end earlier, pending certain developments. Join the Ironclad community on Discord and Twitter/X.

What is the Embers breakdown per action on Ironclad?

What about additional rewards?

Do I earn bonus Mode points for using Ironclad?
Yes! You earn 2x Mode points for depositing and borrowing.
Do I earn bonus Renzo points for depositing ezETH?
Yes! You earn 2x Renzo points for depositing ezETH on Ironclad.
Why can’t I borrow against my weETH Deposit?
There is currently not enough liquidity to safely liquidate weETH positions. Due to this, we are awaiting for more weETH liquidity on DEXs before enabling weETH to be used as collateral. Stay tuned.
Has Ironclad been audited?

Ironclad is a 1-to-1 fork from audited Granary code. Ironclad was deployed and is maintained by the Granary team. Find more info on the audits here and here.

Maximize on Mode

Join our driven team of builders as they lay a foundation on the edge of a new financial frontier, forging an equitable lending and borrowing experience on Mode.